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An athletic training system that helps you perform at your best.

The BLOCK training system was created by NBA legend Steve Nash and his team of world-class sport performance coaches. It is now available for athletes of any age and ability.


Live and on-demand training sessions updated daily, along with expert coaching content from leading sport scientists.

5 Benefits of Block Training

Athletic Performance

Improve speed, explosiveness, quickness, and change of direction skill by building functional strength and core control.

Injury Reduction

Minimize the risk of injury by increasing the active range of motion of major joints, maintaining the quality of contractile muscle tissue and muscle-tendon junction.

Dynamic Mobility

Establish optimal movement quality and build the foundation of functional human movement by improving joint mobility and stability, balance, coordination, and mind-body communication.

Energy System

Increase the sustainability of athletic performance at higher intensity by improving cardiovascular function and energy system efficiency.

Nervous System

Positively impact resiliency, mood, stress control, and sleep quality by establishing a healthy balance of sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

Sport Specific Training

Train for sport or train for life with our library of tailored content.







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Block Training

Build a bespoke training program based on your schedule and performance goals.

Training Guide

Download our guide to help you build your personal training plan.

Block Training

Six blocks comprise the core training methodology, each containing evidence based exercises sequenced intentionally.

Block Personal Coach

Each member is given access to a Personal Coach for assistance with applying the training system, and helping ensure they continue to experience the joys of playing.

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